DMS has been established with a mission to helping the organizations of our customers with improved efficiency and profitability by offering best-in-class shipping and logistics solutions. We thrive on delivering best and invaluable product MYEZDMS to our invaluable customers. Our business is based on the philosophy of maintaining healthy business relationships with associates, customers and staff. We introduce ourselves as the highly esteemed organization which always strives to respect and support integrity, innovation and growth which are mutually profitable to all.

Cloud based Delivery Management System

MYEZDMS is an enterprise-class, full speed and multi-carrier Cloud based Delivery Management System. This logistics management application can support carriers like USPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post and other LTL Carriers. It helps shipping, cuts down supply chain expenses, and enhances services of order fulfillment shipping. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. It provides Enterprise Application Interface and enables high-performance, seamless connections to various enterprise systems like Warehouse Management Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning. In the world of supply chain execution, response time matters the most. If your delivery management application is not synched to your company, work with several LTL carriers, or doesn’t enable you work effortlessly, it will slow your work down.

One DMS, Many Capabilities...

By adopting MYEZDMS, you will get multi-career, enterprise-class delivery management application for improved logistics management. You can save both time and effort and stand out of competition with ease. This Logistics Management Software has been designed in a way that it can easily integrate with various business applications, like ERP, order fulfillment, EDI, TMS and WMS. You can run it on any platform and it will simplify all your issues related to outbound logistics. It helps businesses reduce shipping costs, WMS & TMS resource allocations, and order fulfillment timelines.

With My Easy DMS program, you can build a single and easy point of execution for all carriers and shipments like FedEx, DHL, USPS and UPS. Along with simplifying shipping procedures and supply chain practices, it also improves purchase and inventory processes as well as warehouse management. MYEZDMS system operates on several platforms and it provides Enterprise Application Interface with which it ensures high-performance, seamless connections for various enterprise programs like Warehouse Management Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning.

We are aimed to assist your logistics and its management team to improve inventory, warehouse and purchase management at the lowest price. For freight industry, our MYEZDMS has been proved a boon. This cloud-based program is entirely made to assist logistics service providers.

On your fingertips, it will update you with shipping details which are updated every minute. With the same application, you can order, quote, bill and track your orders. We have designed this application for both Android and iOS platforms. It is a perfect and turnkey solution for users operating in the field of logistics where they have to stay up-to-date with shipping information. This application comes with varied features helpful to track information.