Accessibility and Mobility

MYEZDMS is a web-based logistics management system which gives the user efficiency with blazing-fast operational speed. This official mobile app is available for all the leading operating systems and it works really very well even in low-configured phones. It has intuitive and easy to use interface with which anyone can be familiar with its features. It is built in the platform which utilizes less software environment for running the application. With versatility as a web-based system, it enjoys all the benefits of Desktop application. It has a lot of advanced and helpful features for cargo and logistics management.

Powerful Search Features

MYEZDMS is well integrated with powerful and helpful search features. It allows you search for virtually anything available in the database. It precisely shows the results within couple of seconds and saves a lot of your valuable time. Its search function helps the users immensely for crisis management and support activities.

Comprehensive Vehicle Management

MYEZDMS delivers complete cargo information in order to manage your most invaluable shipments. Every time when cargo enters on your dock, MYEZDMS will collect information about time taken and mileage for preparing the MIS reports with which you can control and monitor your operational expenses. It is capable to capture real time data from GPRS or GPS systems or various other tracking systems. One can use MYEZDMS for fleet management of more advanced level.

It can periodically carry out the expenses and efficiency study in order to manage the recurring expenditures. It tracks the expense details such as wayside expenses, toll charges, fuel charges and repair charges in individual heads.

Automated Trip Loading

In logistics, inventory is fragile. Hence, proper loading is important to enhance profitability. Anonymous consignments are sometimes left unnoticed on branches and the shipments run with below capacity of loading. In order to save money and time and for customer satisfaction, it is important to transport all the consignments at first trip after booking.

With MYEZDMS , you can easily achieve it by tracking details with printed loading sheets and in LIFO method. All you have to choose trip ID and you will get the printed loading sheet. You can properly track the shipment while ensuring that nothing is left untreated in the branch.

Automated Unloading

Unloading from a cargo which is fully loaded is another tricky job. You need a dedicated workforce to get it done. With MYEZDMS , you can get unloading sheet that from the branch once the cargo is ready. This way, your unloading staff will receive complete information.