Cost Effective

Did you know that you have to master in mathematics in order to properly compare shipping prices? In order to save you from all the hassles, we are offering a cost-effective MYEZDMS which is based on easing the process of shipping price comparison with its easy to use, in-built tools. It helps make your team and tasks more and more efficient. With integrated features from MYEZDMS, you will definitely appreciate it as a cost-effective system. It can save you from spending more on several carriers.

Why Choose MYEZDMS?

With My Easy DMS, you will feel and see the following cost reduction capabilities –

  • Budget-Friendly – It allows you compare shipping rates and save best rates; zone skip, consolidate and shift the mode.
  • Time-Saver – It allows you save more time because it can coordinate your complicated shipping activities and help you in trade documentation.
  • Enhanced Accuracy – It reduces the chances of processing and data entry errors with workflow-based designed and service-driven architecture.
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint – It improves logistics performance and promotes greener supply chain management.

It also helps your team focus more on productive activities by doing shipping-related tasks on its own.

How it Saves Cost?

  • With automated Tariff Calculator, it prevents ‘leakage’ on the revenue with its accurate and intelligent billing capabilities.
  • It considerably reduces efforts on logistics management and improves operational efficiencies by providing accurate and complete MIS reports
  • It processes Air Way Bills (AWB) of large volumes consequently with less support and low maintenance.
  • It can completely manage all the aspects of your logistics business, from reservations and sales, space inventory management and pricing to tracking and discrepancy handling and reconciliation.
  • It facilitates role-based and secured access to remote locations, cargo agents and staff.

When it comes to bulk cargo bookings, it can define special rates in order to manage relationship with the business partners of the organization and improve sales. In order to help improve operational efficiencies, it helps reducing data errors. It substantially drives down operation costs by improving efficiency and simplifying processes.

With reduced cost in AWB Processing, enhanced cash flow and cheap cargo operations, it adds value to the business operations by reducing cost. In order to cut costs, this fully-integrated suite helps in rate shopping and comparing shipping costs. It helps cargo agents define special rates to the customers in order to enhance transparency.