Document Proof

Document Proof

In order to improve customer service, thousands of logistics and transportation companies are now using My Easy DMS Cargo Tracking and Freight Forwarder Solutions.

Logistics and cargo companies are based mostly on paperwork and fuel. Every shipment is supported by proof of deliveries, bill of lading, air waybills, invoices, freight bills, air cargo manifests, and other important documents. Companies of all sizes are still dealing with the problems related to real-time access to documents of their clients.

MYEZDMS provides high-end customer services in logistics management and shipment tracking while reducing costs. Despite the location and department, it allows authorized users access materials without any delay.

Here’s Why Most Logistics & Transportation Companies Rely on Us

  • Enabling users to upload documents to view at any time with technology named ‘Document Workflow Automation’ (DWA).
  • Improving accountability and tracking for improved customer service and internal productivity.
  • Providing secure access to real-time information and important shipment documents.
  • Provides access to client documents from anywhere with secure viewer to the authorized users. Hence, document duplication will no longer be required.
  • No courier costs and storage because it electronically scans and uploads client documents.
  • Reduced cost and processing time and improved customer experience.
  • Automated and streamlined retention of documents with custom software features.
  • Reduced operation expenses and simplified processes with third-party audits.

Why MYEZDMS for Document Management?

An average logistics and transportation company has to manage millions of cargo images and documents every year. It leads to allocation of real estate for storage of physical files. Shipment staff is responsible to supply records of bill of lading, warehouse/shipping receipts, driver’s logs, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Commercial Driving License (CDL) copies, emails, reports and even more. A huge part of this information is managed manually. Hence, it makes it important to move documents from remote areas to head office and copy these documents several times to send to different offices. Workflow and information management costs higher because of the need of storage, duplication and access of information.

MYEZDMS seamlessly works with both vendor and client portals and enables users to access and upload financial documents in secure and authenticated environment. It also allows users to view selected documents securely.

Logistics and transportation companies can easily manage all the business documents of their clients with MYEZDMS. You don’t have to duplicate the documents and store multiple documents. All you need to authorize users to access files from anywhere.