Quick Lost & Found

Quick Lost & Found

MyEzDMS is the cloud-based delivery management solution which facilitates freight forwarders across the world. It is well-designed to coordinate and organize every part of consolidations, shipments, exports, imports, NVOCC operations and transportations. MyEzDMS improves your productivity and ensures clients stay ahead of their competitors on both domestic and international transport operations.

About Quick Lost & Found

Finding small freight in a huge warehouse is like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily, MyEzDMS makes it possible with Quick Lost & Found feature. It enables authorized users to upload their cargo pictures to locate their freight with detailed information.

It features high-end freight forwarding capabilities which are completely integrated with several enterprise-class modules. It ensures shipment delivery from A to B very efficiently and quickly. It is an all-inclusive multilayered shipment module which can manage your forwarding destination and origin, flight needs, customs, brokerage, costing and invoicing needs. So, you don’t have to stick with time-consuming, stressful jobs. It maintains transparency between the organizations by providing complete buyer-supplier details and services data throughout the operations. It also minimizes chances of errors and delays.

Improved Productivity with Enhanced Automation

If paper-intensive and manual works are hindering your business processes, MyEzDMS will provide the automation to you to save money, time and human resources. You can get electronic manifesting with its multifunctional applications. This way, you can get rid of the never-ending cycle of entering information again and again.

All you need to enter data just once. It will drastically minimize errors and optimize business processes. It allows freight forwarders to focus just on managing their freight instead of dealing with annoying processes. You can do exactly the same with automation capabilities of My Easy DMS. It allows you create workflows of your own and you can get it done entirely for you. With more productive, simplified and streamlined process, it allows you generate booking quote.

Your quest for logistics management or courier tracking software has just over. This is well-integrated freight forwarding tool which allows you get in touch with your customers with real time updates on shipment status. This software brings all the advantages and features you have been looking for. With MyEzDMS, delivery management has never been easier. It has capability to save your time and extra operation cost.

Visibility Everywhere

Being a freight forwarders, you may know that your customers should be assured that their shipment is in expert hands. With cloud-based tracking from My Easy DMS, your customers can rest assured with peace of mind and visibility to their freight. They can easily track the status of their orders, goods and shipments in real time. They can access details of shipment wherever and whenever they require.


We don’t believe in “one size fits all” approach. So we have made MyEzDMS fully customizable. You can customize its feel and look with its intuitive tools. You can change data entry forms, documents, logo, and company name according to your needs.