Smart Notification

Accessibility and Mobility

My Easy Delivery Management System (MyEzDMS) is the cloud-based logistics management software. It features smart notification and alert functionality which seamlessly integrates with planning, tracking and reporting of transportation management. It helps you proactively monitor your shipments and aware of the potential process delays and failures before your shipment actually arrives late. With the help of flexible interface, this application helps users track more than one shipment and communicate with appropriate users. It features easy to use and user-friendly interface which allows users to get notifications about real-time shipping details. It is very helpful tool to manage your shipments easily.

Salient Features of Smart Notification in MYEZDMS

  • Web interface to create multiple subscriptions.
  • Alerts for cases which don’t occur as expected, like late delivery.
  • Alerts for events expected, like delivery of shipments.
  • Allows you configure notification modules, i.e. fax, text, or email.

MYEZDMS has been innovatively developed and designed to meet the shipment requirements of logistics industry. It doesn’t matter you are a freight forwarder or logistics manager, this application can certainly meet your shipment needs. It can definitely deal with all issues with warehouse and logistics managements and cargo operations, etc.

How My Easy DMS Can Help You?

When it comes to functionality, MYEZDMS is creatively very efficient and unique. Its importance depends mostly on several modules with which it covers all the elements of courier operations. This is cloud-based software which enables users to track delivery in real time. You can get access to your order anywhere and at any time. It gives you freedom to access the documents related to cargo. With Smart Notification, it helps you access real-time update on each freight movement. This software is client-specific and rules-based with which it can fix all your issues related to logistics operations.

With this logistics and delivery management software, you can easily enhance user experience by improving the efficiency in delivery. It is definitely the best bet for those who want to make their logistics business a success.

Your quest for logistics management or courier tracking software has just over. This is well-integrated freight forwarding tool which allows you get in touch with your customers with real time updates on shipment status. This software brings all the advantages and features you have been looking for. With MYEZDMS, delivery management has never been easier. It has capability to save your time and extra operation cost.